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To mold the children into the leadership of Jesus, into His image and likeness.


Eikon is a training program designed by the Society of Kristu .Dasis to mold children into the image of Christ. One of the main areas of the concern of the Society of Kristu Dasis is family apostolate (statutes no.59). It is in the family that the children, who determine the future of the society, church and the country, are born and brought up. We have the duty to help the children to find out their God given uniqueness and thus to help them to grow into the personality of Jesus who is fully Human. In this attempt we especially take into our heart the motto of our Founder Father “until Christ is formed in you” (Gal 3:18). Incorporating into the vision of our Founder Bishop the Kristu Dasi sisters takes pain until Christ is formed in the children. Eikon is a process to that effect....


Journeying Towards Truth


To mold the children into the leadership of Jesus, into His image and likeness


to mold the children for a better and effective Leadership qualities through personality development

Our Team

Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy

Spiritual Advisor

Sr. Tina SKD


Sr. Linsa SKD


Sr. Ancy SKD


Sr. Rose Jose SKD


Sr. Tigi SKD


What We Do

Inbound training

In all centers inbound trainings are regularly conducted as we planned. The students are provided with appropriate training materials like work book, diary and training materials. In each units once in a month we provide one training and sharing and mentoring.

Outbound training

All of our students were taken to ‘Tarumitra’ at Kannur and ‘Sargalaya’at Vadakara to get acquainted with the nature and to learn the importance of Eco system.


This is the important aspect of the training program. Sisters make good rapport with the students and their parents and their teachers. Sisters visit family and their schools. They accompany the students in their needs.

Aptitude identification training

In order to make each student aware about their talents, to know their mental strength and stability they were provided with a special training for the students. This one-day training program was conducted in three regions.

Spiritual Animation training – Eikon Retreat

This spiritual training was organized with the special objective to give Christo centric personality development. A team of retreat preachers of our sisters specialized in spiritual guidance to teenagers and youth conducted the program in three regions.

Race 2 IAS- junior Civil service mock Exam

Eikon children are given opportunity to train our talented students to face highly competitive exam and interviews. This training is to help students from class 7 -12 to get acquainted with facing highly tough exams like IAS, IPS etc.,

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