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German Delegation

About Us

We started our service at Germany in 1989 and currently we are working in Pderborn, Erfurt and Rottenburg dioceses. In Germany, to spread the perfume of the healing love of Jesus, most of the Kristudasis Sisters offer themselves to the sick and suffering by serving them in the hospitals and visiting their houses. One of the special fields of the solicitous ministry of the Sisters in Germany is the special care and attention gifted to the differently abled and mentally challenged from teenagers to the aged. Furthermore, assisting spiritually and rending a hand for psychological support to the sick and the dying at the hospitals and in the retirement homes are also part of the healing services that the Sisters of the Congregation of Kristudasis extend in Germany.

Iserlohn Hospital

Srs. Cecil, Shaija, Soniya and Joicy

Menden Hospital

Srs. Elsa Jose, Binu Mathew, Laisa, Elcitta and Elsy Jose

Nehiem Hospital

Srs. Silvia, Rosilit and Salvy

Johannesstift Ershausen

Srs. Lissy, Deepthy, Jessy, Josmy, Eljees and Liya


Srs. Sheena, July and Maria