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Tripura Mission

About Us

“Go into all the world and proclaims the good news to the whole Creation” (MK: 16-15). As a response to His Great command to spread the Name of Jesus we settled the land of Tripura. Tripura is a state in North eastern India. The third smallest State is the country. Tripura lies in a geographically isolated location in India. Due to its geographical isolation economic progress in the state hindered. Tripura has limited infrastructure.We started the Tripura mission, 2020, March, 1. The Ernakulam based World Mission Evangelization Prayer Group was inspired to include the sisters in the mission Work in Tripura. This message was received by the leader of the prayer group Mr. Sibi. He informed the authorities of the Congregation and as a result Sr. Mary Verghese and Sr. Daicy Parankimalil came with the prayer group and carried out the mission work for three weeks. Rev. Fr. Paul Panachickal SDB the Director of Baijal barry mission expressed the interest in the service of Kristudasis in the village of Baramaidan. After the prayers and discussion about this matter Sr. General Sr. Alice, Procurator General Sr. Anitta and Sr. Marry Varghese went to Baijal barry and discussed about the mission. According to this, the society of Kristu dasis decided to start mission work at the Baramaidam Stalion in Baijal barri Parish in the Diocese of Agarthala. The first members of Tripura community are Sr. Fimi superior and Sr. Marry Varghese Started their mission work living in a rented house. At present we are 5 in our community, Basamaidan mission included 47 Catholic families, primary school from LKG to 5th std and Hostel.

The Services We Do


Don Bosco School

The people of Barramidan bought the land and Don Bosco Fathers built the school building to fulfil the long-held desire to of this community to rise up their Children through the medium of English. In 2020 we joined the mission especially for teaching and run the school. They are three of our sisters spending their time in teaching ministry. Through this mission we are trying to give moral values. We try to contact with the parents and villagers who are in different Walks of life. 


Santa Maria Hostel

According to the culture and Custom of this area majority of the parents are sending their Children to hostels to get proper education. Because of the ignorance parents are not able to teach the Children at home. At present we can accommodate 17 children including boys and girls. Along with academic Studies we provide them spiritual, moral and physical education.


Village visit

There are 47 Catholic families under our pastoral Care. Two of our sisters spend their valuable time for the village visit. We visit them frequently and conduct prayers and teach them to receive Holy Sacraments. On our visit we find out the poor and distribute the necessary items, especially food items. We could help them by collecting food items through some agencies. The villagers are always welcoming us.